Sunday, April 26, 2015

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GTA V Mod Native Trainer Script Hook

GTA V Mod Native Trainer Script Hook

GTA V Mod Native Trainer Script Hook   I use some trainers and director mode for GTA V to make this video … But now, we have better ‘tool’ / trainer. Native asi plugin trainer, –with script hook for GTA V, as it once exist for previous GTA (GTA IV). Script hook is the library that allows to use GTA ... Read More »

Yandere Simulator

Senpai from Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator I only port one model from this game, Senpai Kun, from Yandere Simulator to GTA SA. Because i want to play as him :D. Off course, i suggest you play the game itself. (At the moment) it’s free and still under development. You can check this game from Yandere developer site. Senpai Kun and Yandere Chan in Yandere ... Read More »

Uchiha Brothers

Sasuke and Itachi

Uchiha Brothers   GTA SA Player Mods : Uchiha Brothers I still continuing GTA San Andreas modding section until unknown time  …. This is my old mod from 2013, player mod, Sasuke and Itachi heads for CJ body parts replacement. head = Sasuke head cornrows = Itachi head and Samurai armor for ‘shirtb’ replacement. You can find this outfit in ... Read More »


gta v pc

Grand Theft Auto V in PC Akhirnya, 14 April 2015, game ini hadir di PC — setelah sempat ditunda beberapa kali. Walaupun game ini, (ukurannya) mengerikan (lebih dari 60 GB) — tapi overall melebihi apa yang kuharapkan. Lebih stable dibanding GTA sebelumnya, –khususnya GTA IV, dan perkembangan ke arah kemungkinan bisa dimod – sejauh ini positif. Open IV terbaru (2.5) ... Read More »

DOA Honoka

Honoka in GTASA

Honoka Dead or Alive   Honoka, ( ほのか) new Dead or Alive character, ported to game mods (GTA SA at the moment). Honoka GTA SA Conversion Honoka Maid from Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Property of Tecmo/Team Ninja. Model extracted by Zareef (XNALara), converted to GTA SA by me (Yuniwii). Note : This character have some bugs in GTA ... Read More »

GTA 4 Touhou

Cirno in GTA 4

GTA IV Touhou   Some Touhou character ported to GTA IV, by me. Cirno Custom Mod (GTA IV conversion from GTA SA mod) download link ported by Yuniwii How to Install 1. use Open IV [MUST SET TO EDIT MODE] 2. Open componentpeds.img 3. add 3 files wft, wdd, wtd to componentpeds.img 4. Rebuilt (if you think necessary) How to ... Read More »

  • Skyrim Kamen Rider

    Skyrim Kamen Rider

    Skyrim Kamen Rider 07-03-2015, Release Kamen Rider Chalice as request (and after i found it ... Read More »

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