Monday, November 24, 2014

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GTA 4 Winnie The Pooh

Winnie the Pooh GTA 4

GTA IV Winnie The Pooh   GTA 4 Ped skin Mod Winnie the Pooh from Kingdom Hearts game ported to GTA IV. For GTA SA mod you can check this link. convert : Yuniwii Recommended : For replacement m_m_business_02 (especially in multiplayer; because this mod have similar body parts and textures with this model). Or for replacement any ped in ... Read More »

GTA San Andreas Son Goku Mod

Goku Naruto

Son Goku in GTA San Andreas   This is resume about my Songoku mod (character from Dragon Ball/Z) ported to GTA San Andreas. New and old mods. I actually revive this mod again after found some interesting model from Dragon Ball Battle of Z, Goku (Naruto) Sennin outfit. I think i will port them later to different games, like GTA ... Read More »

GTA 4 Kakashi Hatake

Hatake Kakashi (kid)

GTA IV Kakashi Hatake   Ped version Kakashi kid This is normal ped (in size), since it seem : making small or giant ped still difficult or no possible in GTA IV . This mod ported by me from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. HOW to INSTALL -------------- 1. Use open IV. And put wdd, wtd,wft file to componentpeds.img. 2. ... Read More »

GTA 4 Sakura Haruno

GTA 4 Sakura Haruno

GTA IV Sakura Haruno   Plus download link This mod  finished, for a while. I decide to fix some bugs and release it today. …. I put 8 Sakura models (separated in uppr, lowr and other body parts) in single wdd file. So, this mods will have several Sakura costum variations – including textures more than original game (i think ... Read More »

GTA 4 Kamen Rider Wizard

Wizard Infinity

GTA IV Kamen Rider Wizard   I only able to port, Kamen Rider Wizard Infinty at the moment (for GTA IV). It only using quick rig and using multiple materials, like i did for GTA San Andreas.  For GTA SA version, you can found on this link. Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Form This is for ped. You need OpenIV to ... Read More »

GTA San Andreas Gundam Mod


GTA San Andreas Gundam Mod   This is resume for Gundam mod for GTA San Andreas.  All character (skins), mostly converted by me (Yuniwii), from Gundam games or Mod (game) like XNALara. If i have more, i will put them in this post too. Super Nobel Gundam from : Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Full Boost convert to GTA SA ... Read More »