Friday, December 19, 2014

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GTA Kamen Rider Gaoh

Kamen Rider Gaoh GTA IV

Kamen Rider Gaoh in GTA   Mods in this post : Kamen Rider Gaoh for GTA IV “Btw, this is my first mod after inactive about two weeks. I think, now,  …. I only use “GTA tittle” for my new character mods for Grand Theft Auto series. Since it maybe will be ported again to different GTA, like GTA V ... Read More »

GTA 4 Misa Mitsurugi


GTA IV Misa Mitsurugi   This is my first effort to port Misa (from game Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae) to GTA IV. This IV version different than (GTA SA and) the original game. I add Momiji’s hair as hair varian and some different colors for her clothes. Eventhough, i recommend you to play Mitsurugi game instead. Since Misa in Mitsurugi game ... Read More »

GTA 4 Son Goku

GTA 4 Son Goku

GTA IV Son Goku   Son Goku Sennin Mode (Sage Mode) GTA IV ped from game : Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z Finally, i able to finish this mod. I use “face” bodypart just like multiplayer model in GTA IV for some bodyparts of this mod. It work for multiplayer, and off course it work in singleplayer too. Video ... Read More »

GTA 4 Wang Yuang Ji

Wang Yuang Ji business GTA 4

GTA IV Wang Yuang Ji   Wang Yuang Ji Business outfit DLC (GTA IV )ped I use Niko bones as test ;when porting this character, Wang Yang Ji from Dynasty Warriors 8. And the result, facial animation not work since it seem have different bones. So i think i just share this mod as test version. Will be fixed later ... Read More »

GTA 4 Winnie The Pooh

Winnie the Pooh GTA 4

GTA IV Winnie The Pooh   GTA 4 Ped skin Mod Winnie the Pooh from Kingdom Hearts game ported to GTA IV. For GTA SA mod you can check this link. convert : Yuniwii Recommended : For replacement m_m_business_02 (especially in multiplayer; because this mod have similar body parts and textures with this model). Or for replacement any ped in ... Read More »

GTA San Andreas Son Goku Mod

Goku Naruto

Son Goku in GTA San Andreas   This is resume about my Songoku mod (character from Dragon Ball/Z) ported to GTA San Andreas. New and old mods. I actually revive this mod again after found some interesting model from Dragon Ball Battle of Z, Goku (Naruto) Sennin outfit. I think i will port them later to different games, like GTA ... Read More »