Watch_Dogs Modding


I am done -for a while – with Watch Dogs. Maybe will check this game again after XBG exporter available …

I already finish the stories and do a lot of things; swap characters, try some graphics mods, replacing some bink videos, and others. But in the end without new 3d models modding possible (need xbg exporter), … this game just like other game that i played. Uninstalled after finished.

Jordy and T-Bone

Jordi and T-Bone


For info; some people still doing research and trying modding this game. Check and other websites if you want to follow the progress.

I only write some modding activities that i done recently

Swap Characters

I only share Clara pack for replacing Aiden, in here (Clara link download)

This mod only possible with Rick tool for Disrupt Engine, 

I just rename and pack the files that already in game. So all credits belong to Ubisoft.

Other characters have several bugs in clothes like this pictures below.

T-Bone bugs

T-Bone bugs

You can repack other character files by yourself, like T-Bone, Jackson, Lena, and others and put them in patch.dat/patch.fat using Rick’s Disrupt tool.

Check this tutorial.

That’s all for now … i hope i will able to write some post again if Watch Dogs have more good progress in modding stuff.