Wáng Yuánjī

rig by Yuniwii

GTA San Andreas Character mod

Real name: Wáng Yuánjī
Chinese name: 王元姬 – 王元姫
Born: 217
Died: 268
Formally known as Empress Wénmíng (文明皇后). Posthumously named as Míng (明). She is the daughter of Wang Su and is historically Sima Zhao’s wife. This character from Dynasty Warriors 7.

Bugs fixed in version 1.2 ( 4 October 2011, actually already Oct 5 in my country).

The model extracted from Dynasty Warriors 7 by me, and i add red Wang Yuan Ji in this version. Face texture fixed, eventhough alpha for eyebrow etc, still not working. I remove previous post since the model different than old version.

Wang Yuan Ji

Wang Yuan Ji in GTA

V1.2 Oct 5, 2011 (download)