Uzumaki Naruto in GTA 4

rig by Yuniwii

(Test Released)

Since GTA 4 fully modable, in pedestrian/characters mod on November 2011;  i know it’s about time for me to left GTA San Andreas modding – some when. (Adding “some when” because the condition still not fulfilled). As a modder there is nothing in GTA San Andreas which still impress me; except the quick creating and changing characters mod. Some games and game engines better for mapping, do vehicles mod, scripting, animation, and others thing that sometime impossible or difficult for GTA San Andreas.
But i can’t deny the fact; GTA San Andreas have more features than others games. Off course; it’s because the game itself. Until now and i believe in the future, i still using GTA San Andreas to do quick character mod and for testing; how some character models will act in 3D world. Something that i can do too for Vice City. Since rigging characters from both games is easiest and fastest comparing other games mod and some games engines.
This is the reality at the moment that possible will be changed. For example GTA 4 modding become more easy than GTA San Andreas. And there are more people choose modding in RAGE engine than Renderware. Including in upcoming GTA 5 (if still use RAGE engine). At that time, off course i more prefer RAGE than Renderware without doubt.
After trying modding GTA 4 (in characters), it’s more complicated than GTA San Andreas. When i write this; the tool still not perfect, tricky, some important features like animation still not supported (maybe in next release). Custom bones still not possible, it’s mean un-regular character like child or giant, won’t be easy like San Andreas.You need to do proper rigging too, not just simply copy and attach mesh. It will produce the bad result with current tool. But the tools already enough to create some favorites characters mod running and shooting in GTA 4 and EFLC (this i don’t have opportunity to test). And the mod better than San Andreas. If you replace a ped, you will have the animation and voices which used for the pedestrian. Not CJ voices like in San Andreas that something funny when replace a female ped.

Naruto GTA 4

Naruto GTA IV download

The bad, it’s only possible for ped replacement. Not add on. If you want to play the ped character, you need trainer like Simple Native Trainer.

I borrow this post to write that long introduction 😀

Now, it’s time to put my first mod for GTA 4. Uzumaki Naruto.The mod still beta testing. It’s can crash your game maybe. It’s work for me, but i can’t guarantee if the mod will work you too. So, if you using this mod you should  accept the risk and make back up first. Copy paste componentsped.img, in case you have error and you want to return back.

For replacement m_y_valet (GTA 4 only)

Naruto in GTA 4

Naruto in GTA 4

Editing Not allowed, Reupload not allowed.

If you want to write about this mod, give the link to this post instead. It’s possible i will replace this mod with better and stable version.

v0.1 beta test Naruto in GTA 4 download