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Ling XiaoYu Tekken

Ling Xiao Yu Ling Xiaoyu (凌 曉雨) is a fictional Chinese character from the Tekken video game. This model converted from Tekken 6 to GTA San Andreas. Credits goes to Namco-Bandai ...

Jin Kazama

Jin Kazama   Jin Kazama from Tekken 6. Model from Garry's Mod ported by Roland714. Converted to GTA San Andreas by Yuniwii. Jin Kazama link download new mirror

Roger Tekken 6

Roger from Tekken 6   GTA San Andreas Character (Ped) Mod Kangaro fighter :D I curious to rig the model. Think, it maybe possible  able to use four hands correctly. But it's buggy so, ...

GTA IV Asuka Kazama Ped

GTA 4 Ped Asuka Kazama (風間飛鳥 - Kazama Asuka) Done ... I dedicated two days of my free time to finish this mod, including made a video. Well, it's not perfect mod, but ...

GTA San Andreas Tekken Character

GTA San Andreas Tekken Character   List character from Tekken games, which already converted by me to GTA San Andreas. This post will be edited later in the future. Need categorize them since ...

Hwoarang Tekken

Hwoarang    Hwoarang (  화랑 | 花郎) ; Tekken character conversion. Rigged by Yuniwii 'I got this model from Garry's Mod, ripped via some nice T-pose bugs. Originally from Tekken 6 game '. link download (GTA ...