Friday, October 31, 2014

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GTA 4 Kushina Uzumaki

GTA IV Kushina

GTA 4 Kushina Uzumaki Finally done, but still has some bugs. Uploaded as test version and my back up. I think i will return back GTA 4 subdomain to main domain ( to save some resources Don’t bother to reupload, link to this post instead. If possible i will put better version. Notes : *Facial rig (mouth only – but ... Read More »

Naruto in GTA 4


Naruto in Rage Engine This post contain video about Naruto in GTA 4 and some links to find Naruto mod in GTA 4. 1. Default Naruto This video created by Youtuber who have the nick name; Yuniwii. In his description about this video he wrote : “Naruto in GTA 4 (RAGE Engine). Ragdoll features. Thanks to : GoodNTS (Open IV);  ... Read More »