Skyrim Spider-Man Mod

re-upload : July 2015

This my first mod in this year, 2013, and my first mod for Skyrim that distributed by packing them in bsa archive.  Not Naruto mods, it still in progress. This Superhero mod for Skyrim and I don’t really care   if this mod not suit with Skyrim atmosphere. I only want Spider-man riding Spider in Skyrim, and do some other action. And i think similar mod, like this which need full outfit, can be created by using single mesh.

This mod just for test and still buggy (in finger) but ok .


still test


the mod still have bugs in fingers, will be fixed later [/toggle]

spiderman in skyrim

Spider-man in skyrim

How to Install

1. Extract the file
2. Put spiderman.bsa and spideman.esp in Skyrim data folder
2. Run skyrimlauncher, select data files – check spiderman.esp
4. Launch the game
5. In game go to command console by pressing ~ (tilde)
6. Type help yspiderman (press enter)
you will see the code of Spiderman armor 00xxxxx
7. Type player.additem 00xxxxxx(press enter)
(this depend your PC)
8. Select Spiderman armor in your inventory

I will try to put Spiderman armor available in World if necessary.

Btw, check nexus or google for better and other Spider-man mods