Skyrim [Naruto] Character Port

May 2013

Update 16-17 May 2013: Released

Update : 20 May 2013

“The ground model problems solved when i tried to modding Kamen Rider to Skyrim, eventhough i do not have opportunity to fix them for Skyrim Naruto …. till this day”

May 17, 2013

This mod still incomplete, beside still have some bugs,  all of them do not have correct ground models and only use Skyrim ground models.  I had plans to give custom ground models around next 2 days and upload them on Sunday, but it cancelled. I tried and got zero progress.  All failed. If not invisible, some of them just disappear when drop it to ground. I found out some mods which created by some modders do not have working ground models too, so i think – it maybe still not possible or too difficult to make. Beside, it’s not really necessary for playing and my target to separate body and heads for my Skyrim old mods = already done. So, i think better i release them today. Additional fix or other character can be added later. At least; I able to add Obito (thank to Weliton Parzanini) and Ino as new character.
The outfit now can be found in container in Riverwood. I think it’s better than merchant method, since my purpose only to wear this outfit quickly. Now, I using esm file. With hope; it can handle navmesh bugs, eventhough i do not have opportunity to create navmesh for Skyrim again.

Skyrim Naruto

Skyrim Naruto

Note : Working in Skyrim mods took more time than modding GTA … i only wish you able to appreciate my effort.
This mod will be updated if i have new progress …

link download or here
password ; yuniwii

screenshots 1

screenshots 2