Skyrim Naruto Jutsu (Mod)


By default; The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim already has  a combat system, including magic/ spells battle, which are similar to the Naruto World. And with mods, there were already tons of magic/spell that has similarities with Naruto jutsu. As ‘magic battle game’, all combat features in Skyrim already work flawlessly. Including in groups vs groups. It’s possible to do 500 Naruto bunshin vs 500 Tobi, depending on your PC, I was only able to handle 50 vs 50 in my crap PC with low setting 🙁


Magic Battle Rasen Shuriken vs ‘Chidori Nagashi’

For notices, not all Naruto jutsus available in Skyrim. That’s because there is no modder who created it, some difficulty, or maybe I did not know if  already exist. This is the same problem with other game mods. What is different, you already have other magic / spells by default. This means if you want, you can still add more technique / jutsu / magic mod; such as from Dragon Ball, Star Wars, Mass Effect, Pokemon and others together, and can be switched easily with Naruto Jutsu mod. The game itself gives the cheat -via the command console (~), which will allow you to acquire all the magics / spells/powers (by type psb).)

Here are some lists jutsu / magic  mods that I use in Skyrim:

Naruto jutsu for Skyrim (or Naruto Anime overhaul)

you can found walking on water technique in sage mode power, Rasen Shuriken and others Naruto Jutsu in this mod).

Midas Magic

Tytanis mod

Phenderix Magic Evolved

Pochitto na Yagi (Goat)


And below list of Jutsu in Skyrim (or actually list Skyrim Magic which can be used and called as Naruto Jutsu ) :

1. Fire Element – (like Katon Goukakyou no Jutsu and others). By default possible. Amaterasu available with mod, even though the black flames not working like the original.

super Naruto

when water mixed with fire

2. Water Element – Possible in Phenderix mod with magic called Oceanic (Barrage, Destroyer, etc).

3. Lightning element – (like Chidori/Raikiri and other lightning magic/jutsu) Mostly possible by default. Kirin available with mod, but not really similar.

lightning technique in Water

4. Wind element –  (like Rasengan, Rasen Shuriken possible with mod). There is also another kind of wind jutsu, for example Gale in some mod

naruto in skyrim

Rasen Shuriken flying

5. Earth Element – It’s possible to spray particles like dust , summon some clod earth, and others. I found them in some magic mods; Midas, Tytanis or Phenderix.

6. Ice Element – Most of them possible by default.

7. Wood Element / Mukoton- possible to create temporary forest with Spray magic in Midas Magic mod.

8. Pein Jutsu – Banshou Tennin. Work nice to pull and repel opponent. Unfortunatelly, NPC turn into ragdoll after affected with this jutsu.

9. Pein Jutsu – Shinra Tensei.

10. Explosive – some types of explosives are available, including explosive clay similar with Deidara’s without model.

11. Walking on water technique- available in Sage Mode with Naruto Jutsu Mod Anime Overhaul. You can switch to do walk, battle, swimming in water in Skyrim, without problems.

Running in water

12. Clone  (Bunshin) As far as I know it’s possible with followers and spawn mod. You can create a custom NPC with Creation Kit, giving them armor and magic, and  spawned them via console, by type  player.placeatme including any amount of NPC that you want

13. Summon- (kuchiyose). You can summon animal, creatures, monster, etc and  they are can be ridden. Good for Akamaru (Kiba’s dog) mod if exist, it’s compatible with mounted battle feature, like this goat below

Kambing Liar 😀

14. Cloak mode – Some possible by default. Like ; Lightning cloak and fire cloak.  So Kyubi Chakra Mode fit in Skyrim,  only need specific model to make it better.

15. Summon meteor – possible.

16. Reanimation Jutsu – Edo Tensei. It’s available by default. You can revive corpse in Skyrim.

17. Flying Jutsu – available but buggy.

18. Teleport Jutsu – possible.

19. Tobi Jutsu – dissapear and reappear possible easily with invisible magic

20. Genjutsu – Skyrim already have illusion magic (Jutsu) by default.

21. Taijutsu – There exist some martial art mod, like acrobatic or jump high; but most of them still not similar with Naruto

22. Doujutsu – changes eye, such as Sharingan, Rinnegan, Byakugan, etc. can be done by using a mod and a cheat. This works only for regular characters. Anime model that I created/convert, such as Naruto’s head, just an armor and not compatible with the facegen presets and Skyrim’s eye. It’s like a helmet. You can even change the head using Miku’s Face mod (Miku helmet) and wear Naruto clothes if you want.

Naruto with Miku head

Miku Naruko

Overall, Skyrim is more suitable for developing Naruto jutsu mod and other mods that need magic or effect. The problem, lies in the difficulty and it is still rare for people who have an interest to make Naruto mod in Skyrim