Skyrim Map Modding Progress

August 2013

Note : this mod paused … I have problem in LOD and pathfinding.

Maybe will be continued again somewhen

I am glad to spend several hours modding Skyrim again, today … Testing some enb and new nif exporter by Wix. This exporter (v1.4.1) still buggy, for exporting character /armor / skinned mesh. But very useful for exporting static mesh.
I able to port some stage/map from Konoha easily. The long process maybe still in creating collision and put the object in the map with creation kit. But, i think already enough to begin touch some map mods … and back to regular modding again (maybe….).

Btw, this map just for testing Wix’s script which able exporting more than 30 different materials correctlymy idea about my Skyrim Naruto map mod won’t be like this.

Here some screenshot

sasuke skyrim

Sasuke in Skyrim Naruto map