Skyrim Map – Mods Progress

Skyrim Map Modding Progress

August 2013

Note : this mod paused … I have problem in LOD and pathfinding.

Maybe will be continued again somewhen

I am glad to spend several hours modding Skyrim again, today … Testing some enb and new nif exporter by Wix. This exporter (v1.4.1) still buggy, for exporting character /armor / skinned mesh. But very useful for exporting static mesh.
I able to port some stage/map from Konoha easily. The long process maybe still in creating collision and put the object in the map with creation kit. But, i think already enough to begin touch some map mods … and back to regular modding again (maybe….).

Btw, this map just for testing Wix’s script which able exporting more than 30 different materials correctlymy idea about my Skyrim Naruto map mod won’t be like this.

Here some screenshot

sasuke skyrim

Sasuke in Skyrim Naruto map


  • Keep up the good work!
    I love all of your mods…

  • will u be making a madara uchiha an obito skins

    • for Skyrim ? i don’t know … but possible if the modding tools become easy to use

  • Is the port with other games is illegal?

    • Maybe, if we shared it and put in some websites which do not allow port from other games like Nexus.
      But if i keep for myself (not shared), of course it always legal

      • It becomes illegal only if someone wants to make money with stuff extracted from other games.
        This isn’t the case!

        • i will be honest, actually i don’t really care as long as still ok (not got trouble doing porting)
          … but in fact, some websites like Nexus, gtagarage (, maybe other sites, prohibits conversion mods from different games submitted to their site.
          So, it’s can be said; illegal – according their rules (and affected their communities).
          Legal or illegal (in law) i think depending on the laws in each state, and policies of games developer themselves.
          And i agree with your statement …

          • i been to other sites some have imports an their own creations but here is a website that is safe for u to post ur skyrim mods

            people would be more then happy to use ur mods i came from the nexus but vegitovladimir u need to stop posting on the nexus with these links bc they will ban u from the community thats just a lil heads up

            besides i dont see any issue myself if ur gonna mod a game why not mod it with what ever u want
            just dont go against other sites rules an regulations

            btw i use the naruto skins mainly the masked man outfit with sasuke heads lol btw u could port the skins directly from the naruto 3 game if u go look at that link i gave u if u need help some people on there will give u help

          • I have some models from that game
            my problems mostly in creating mod for Skyrim (more difficult)