Skyrim Kamen Rider

07-03-2015, Release Kamen Rider Chalice as request (and after i found it in my old archive). Sorry for waiting too long.

Chalice in Skyrim

Chalice in Skyrim

20-05-2013; This just testing mod, but my problem with ground models finally solved when trying to modding this mod recently. And i put the result in here.

 A. Kamen Rider Chalice  (in Skyrim)


Kamen Rider Chalice in Skyrim

I do not really care if Kamen Rider will fit or not in Skyrim world, they are look cool in here (including when mixed with other armor). Wizard maybe the most suitable Kamen Rider in Skyrim world since he using magic and riding dragon, but just for testing i did for  Kamen Rider Chalice (yesterday).

Sasuke (Naruto) and Kamen Rider mixed :D

Sasuke (Naruto) and Kamen Rider mixed 😀

How to install :

1. extract the archive

2. Put/copy the data folder from extracted archive to skyrim folder

3. Run Skyrim launcher, Check KamenRider.esp

4. play the game.

Spawn Kamen Rider Chalice Armor with command console :

press ~ tilde button)

write “help chalice”   like this picture below


——you will see the 8 digits ID for Chalice body parts (armor+head) in your game

write “player.additem xxxxxxxx 1”

repeat for other body parts/ armor
Exit command console by pressing ~ again
go to inventory (TAB) and select Chalice Body parts (head + body)

Download link Skyrim Kamen Rider Chalice