Red Engine Modding

For 2 days i tried Redkit, editor for The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings …
The game it self really big (23 GB) and the editor about 12 GB (most of them, some content from this game). Total; you need 35 GB more if want playing around with The Witcher 2 modding (as mod creator off course). The exporter for max available (2009 and 2013), but not for the importer.

Until now it good for creating custom map but no support for skeletal mesh (custom character).
Maybe in the future …

And i will probably touch it again in the future too …
I only curious to try it at the moment.
Well, if some games companies do support modding like CD Projekt did, i will be more happy 😀

These are some screenshots, and video about Redkit tool