Gogo Sentai Boukenger



Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

GTA SA Ped skin

This is the 30th entry in Super Sentai series (2006-2007)–15th entry in Power Ranger series (2007) 

This mod below ripped and convert by me, from Super Sentai Legend Wars (android).

Boukenger models pack (peds + Weapons)

-6 Boukengers member :
Bouken Red (Red Overdrive Ranger)
Bouken Black (Black Overdrive Ranger)
Bouken Blue (Blue Overdrive Ranger)
Bouken Yellow (Yellow Overdrive Ranger) = 2 varians (normal + small)
Bouken Pink (Pink Overdrive Ranger) = 2 varians (normal + small)
Bouken Silver (Mercury Ranger)

Weapons :
Katana = Survi-Blade
colt45 = Survi-Buster
golfclub = Bouken Bo (Bouken Red’s weapon)
bat = Radial Hamer (Bouken Black’s weapon)
fire_ex = Blow Knuckle (Bouken Blue’s weapon)
desert_eagle = Hydro Shooter (Bouken Pink’s weapon)
micro_uzi = Sagasniper mode Sniper Gatling (Bouken Silver’s weapon)
brassknuckle = Bucket Scoopers (Bouken Yellow’s weapon)
—->you need to edit weapon.dat (in folder GTA San Andreas\data) to make it (brassknuckle) become dual weapon.
change :
£ BRASSKNUCKLE    MELEE    10.0  1.6    331    -1        0        UNARMED        4            1        null
£ BRASSKNUCKLE    MELEE    10.0  1.6    331    -1        0        UNARMED        4            801        null





v 27-09-2016 convert : Yuniwii download

this models support DK’s normal map plugin features.