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GTA San Andreas : Gaim Kiwami Arms + Sakura Hurricane bike

GTA IVs : Gaim Kiwami Arms

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GTA IV King Dark

King Dark

GTA 4 Kamen Rider Villain King Dark   This is villain from Kamen Rider Movies, King Dark, port to GTA IV-EFLC. (as ped). Model from Battride War 2. For GTA SA check here. Convert by Yuniwii. screenshot 1 screenshot 2   download link Read More »

GTA 4 Kamen Rider Gaim

GTA 4 Kamen Rider Gaim

GTA IV Kamen Rider Gaim   This is test version, Kamen Rider Gaim porting to GTA IV. Gaim Bike’s (Sakura Hurricane), still WIP Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms convert : Yuniwii ‘thank to Random TBush’ screenshot : download Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms   —- I using this video to test WordPress plugin (Video Thumbnails) and some blogspot theme Video ... Read More »

GTA Zelda Mod

Link CS

GTA San Andreas Zelda Mod All characters rig by me; Yuniwii This my back up from GTA Indonesia. I need to write new articles and taking new screenshots, since all pictures gone and importing the post failed. All characters converted from The Legend of Zelda : The Twilight Princess. 1. Zelda Zelda from Zelda Twilight Princess converted by me to ... Read More »

Watch Dogs Modding

Jordy and T-Bone

Watch_Dogs Modding   I am done -for a while – with Watch Dogs. Maybe will check this game again after XBG exporter available … I already finish the stories and do a lot of things; swap characters, try some graphics mods, replacing some bink videos, and others. But in the end without new 3d models modding possible (need xbg exporter), ... Read More »

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs I played this game in my PC, since a few days ago. And because this game, too, I was forced to install windows 7 64 bit. Since this game does not support 32-bit PC.. Overall, for me this is good game eventhough i can’t compare it with GTA V, because i don’t have console and there are no ... Read More »

  • Skyrim Map – Mods Progress

    Skyrim Map – Mods Progress

    Skyrim Map Modding Progress August 2013 Note : this mod paused … I have problem in LOD and pathfinding. Maybe will be continued again somewhen I am glad to spend several hours modding Skyrim again, today … Testing some enb and new nif exporter by Wix. This exporter (v1.4.1) still buggy, for exporting character /armor / skinned mesh. But very ... Read More »
  • GTA Vice City Naruto Mod

    GTA Vice City Naruto Mod

    GTA Vice City Naruto Mod mods available : Sasuke, Sakura, Orochimaru, Kabutsuo, Kotetsu, Izumo, Ebisu, Fuu  This post reserved for Naruto conversion, to GTA Vice City i began with Sasuke (grey Outfit). The San Andreas version in here.  converted by Yuniwii 1. Sasuke a. (Player2 and CSplay 2 replacement) GTA VC mod : Sasuke grey v1.0 (Oct 13, 2011) b. ... Read More »
  • GTA Vice City Kamen Rider

    GTA Vice City Kamen Rider

  • GTA Vice City Max Payne

    GTA Vice City Max Payne