Friday, October 31, 2014

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GTA 4 Sakura Haruno

GTA 4 Sakura Haruno

GTA IV Sakura Haruno   Plus download link This mod  finished, for a while. I decide to fix some bugs and release it today. …. I put 8 Sakura models (separated in uppr, lowr and other body parts) in single wdd file. So, this mods will have several Sakura costum variations – including textures more than original game (i think ... Read More »

GTA 4 Kamen Rider Wizard

Wizard Infinity

GTA IV Kamen Rider Wizard   I only able to port, Kamen Rider Wizard Infinty at the moment (for GTA IV). It only using quick rig and using multiple materials, like i did for GTA San Andreas.  For GTA SA version, you can found on this link. Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Form This is for ped. You need OpenIV to ... Read More »

GTA San Andreas Gundam Mod


GTA San Andreas Gundam Mod   This is resume for Gundam mod for GTA San Andreas.  All character (skins), mostly converted by me (Yuniwii), from Gundam games or Mod (game) like XNALara. If i have more, i will put them in this post too. Super Nobel Gundam from : Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Full Boost convert to GTA SA ... Read More »

GTA San Andreas Star Ocean Mod

Star Ocean the Last Hope

GTA San Andreas Star Ocean Mod   This is updating post (16/10/2014), adding Edge, Arumat and Myuria from Star Ocean to GTA San Andreas world. Reimi Saionji (レイミ・サイオンジ) Character from Star Ocean 4 this is GTA San Andreas ped skin converted by me from XNAlara mod by Rexil. Two different textures in this pack, one without alpha (not appear in ... Read More »

Masquarade Dopant in GTA

Masquarade Dopant

Masquarade Dopant in GTA 4 & SA character mod for GTA IV & GTA San Andreas rig by Yuniwii ( About : The Masquerade Dopant (マスカレイド・ドーパント,  Masukareido Dōpantoor) is a Dopant based off spine and rib cage, resembling the GaiaMemory’s shell. It was distributed to the Sonozaki family’s guards and GaiaMemory sellers, to produce more thugs to do their dirty ... Read More »

GTA 4 Kamen Rider Accel

Accel in GTA IV

GTA IV Kamen Rider Accel   This is my first mod (this month). I port Kamen Rider Accel models from Battride War to GTA IV format. Three forms included in this pack; default, Trial and Booster, including Accel’s weapon. Note : You need Simple Native Trainer to spawn this mod and go to clothes mode to make the body parts ... Read More »