Linda Meilinda

from DreadOut

update 17-08-2016:

On the 71st anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, which coincides with the Rio 2016 Olympics, I am updating Linda Meilinda skin with national football uniform -Indonesia and Brazil. Originally from DreadOut textures DLC.

update 02-06-2016 : add Linda Kebaya

update 01-06-2016 : fix link and add Linda Bonus

update : 24-05-2015 Linda without her bag

This model, Linda Meilinda or Linda melinda, converted from game DreadOut (© Digital Happiness), some days ago to GTA San Andreas.

Linda Meilinda August 2016

Linda Meilinda

Linda Meilinda

Linda Kebaya

Linda Bonus

convert : Yuniwii (thanks to Fil)




Linda Melinda

Linda Melinda

Model : Linda Melinda (Student Outfit)/ Linda Melinda / Linda Bonus /Linda Kebaya
Game: DreadOut
Copyright: Digital Happiness
convert to GTA SA : Yuniwii

GTA SA download link Linda Meilinda (update 17/08/2016)

from GTA IV check here ported by spycounter