Kamen Rider Necrom 

[仮面ライダーネクロム ]


GTA IV Kamen Rider Necrom

TITLE : Kamen Rider Necrom
VERSION : 0602016
TYPE MOD : Character (Conversion)
MOD GTA 4 AUTHOR: yuniwii
Copyright OWNER : BandaiNamco, ent
FILENAME : gombolori.net_ncrKRSH_gta4.zip
RELEASED : February 06, 2016

ripped and converted by Yuniwii from Kamen Rider Storm Heroes.


user : Alain (アラン Aran) is one of the sons of the Grand Imperial Majesty, and is referred to as the “prince” of the Ganma. He worked with Chikara Saionji, who was himself aware of the Ganma and Ghost Eyecons, prior to the latter’s death. He later gains the ability to transform into Kamen Rider Necrom (仮面ライダーネクロム Kamen Raidā Nekuromu).

Kamen Rider Necrom



by default for replace :
but you can rename it and use to replace other character.

Use Open IV (recommended) or Spark IV
1. Back up componentpeds.img by copy paste it, in case the instalation error you able to return by using backup
2. Run Open IV, select game, select edit mode, select componentpeds.img
(in GTA 4 located in pc/models/cdimages),
(in GTA 4 EFLC for The Ballad of Gay Tony located in pc/episodes/tbogt/pc/models/cdimages/)

3. add the wdd, wft and wtd files for GTA 4/ EFLC to componentpeds.img.
It’s automatically replace the original or do manually by select wdd and wtd files which you want and select replace.
4. Rebuild.

Use simple native trainer – (models spawn ) if you want to play as ped (Kamen Rider Necrom).


Download GTA 4 KR Necrom v 06-02-2016