Kamen Rider Ichigo-Nigo

(仮面ライダー1号 – 仮面ライダー2号)

rig by Yuniwii

update : 19-03-2016

Kamen Rider Ichigo pack

All models from Kamen Rider Battride War Sousei PS3
Copyright owner : BandaiNamco, property
convert to GTA SA: Yuniwii
Character (in folder PEDS) :
-Several varians of Kamen Rider Ichigo, including giant size.
-Takeshi Hongo
Bike ((in folder Bike)
-Kamen Rider Ichigo Bike (cyclone)

How to use
– put in your gta3.img or skin.img or using modloader

This mod support for normal map + reflection mod (by DK) :





Download (Ichigo pack 19-03-2016)


old mod : Kamen Rider Ichigo-Nigo (2011)

Finally, i able to fix and extract the textures from Kamen Rider Nigo (Kamen Rider 2). And i pack together with Kamen Rider Ichigo (Kamen Rider First). The model actually same, the differences only in Textures.

Ichigo - Nigo

Ichigo – Nigo

v1.o September 8, 2011 download

Takeshi Hongo

from Kamen Rider Seigi no Keifu


v1.0 Oct 17, 2011 download (This is low poly model, the hand like CJ hand)