GTA San Andreas

Final Fantasy Monster


I will using this post to put several Final Fantasy Monsters to GTA San Andreas which already ported by me and reupload dead links.

GTA San Andreas Final Fantasy Monster Mod

A. Monster Bomb

Monster Bomb

Monster Bomb

2010 Mod, ported by me from Final Fantasy X

download v0.1 -2010 (reupload)

B. Imp

One eye creature, CyclopsImp (インプ (Inpu)  monster from Final Fantasy 13. I convert this creature after saw the Juubi with one eye form in recent Naruto manga some days ago. There are some varians in Final Fantasy, but i only rig one at the moment.

Imp varian 1

recommended for ped eventhough it’s playable with skin selector.

I put the links download below

Imp FF13


Spook Creatures 1 (from Final Fantasy 13)


Sppok Monster Final Fantasy

Verdelet – Ahriman – Adroa – Imp-


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