Hidan Akatsuki in GTASA

Hidan in GTA San Andreas

Type mod : Character mod for GTA San Andreas

converted by Yuniwii


Hidan Akatsuki

This mod still have bugs, but it’s better than the first time i rigged it.

Hidan was the partner of Kakuzu, despite having mutual dislike for each other, and was the second newest member of Akatsuki, at the time of his introduction. Kisame laughingly referred to Hidan and Kakuzu as the “Zombie Brothers”.

Download 1

Download 2

Hidan’s Weapon


Hidan with his disciple

Download 1



  • It’s pretty weird if you unable to download via box.net, since i use it for almost all links in this blog. Now all for Naruto mod links …
    Maybe you can find Hidan yourself via google…
    Btw, you need to pm or email the author mod for private links in youtube or other private mods, since they not give their mod for everyone.

    And i only give my mod links for everyone who able to download from my blog, since i have limitation for upload.
    But since i believe this mod will be reuploading again, maybe you can find later in other website … Off course, other link that not upload by me not my responbility. Though, even some of you give report that my link broken or can’t be download, i need to check my self. If i still able to download, mostly i still think twice too to give other link

  • I looking in youtube but non man wont give mi link four skin

  • :( NOT WORK :(
    where i can download Hidan skin or Hidan Devil

  • stil not work doyou know where i can find Hidan skin

    • Try this link directly :
      If you still not able to download maybe you can use different browser, use download manager or install some new plugin (flash plugin for example).
      Actually box.net more fast to load than mediafire …
      If you already download it but not work in game, you can find several tutorial in youtube how to change player skin.

      Btw, some Naruto models already rigged by other modders too, including Hiddan, but since most of them decide to make their link as private, eventhough i know i can’t give the links, except the modder themself give the link to me in comments section. You need to contact them personally … Check some video about Naruto in GTA at Youtube, you will find some modders who made Naruto mods.

  • that Hidan skin not work can you give work Hidan skin please

  • Hey people, I do not know if it’s just here. more Hidan’s weapon ta all black, no color, what do I do? T-T

    sorry post 2

    • Not for you only, i saw some computer have problems with cel shaded effect for Sasuke weapon, so i remove that. But i forget to did that for Hidan’s weapon, because it’s normal in my PC and forget to test in other PC. Wait until i have other version without Cel shading effect …
      i plan to remove cel shading effect for the next Naruto mod, maybe for characters too … It’s give me difficulties to convert to other game like Gmod.

  • Thanks a lot for the weapon, you are the best Yuniwii!!!!

  • Wew modnya makin bening aja om
    Gila senjatanya pein mantabz om
    4 thumbs up buat om

  • i don’t know both for Pein and Ichigo … not tried it yet.
    Pain maybe more difficult

  • Yuniwii…….thanks for the info…i knew it’s not as nice as appeared(walk on tree mod)…..Thanks anyway…..is there any way to convert models from wii:Bleach versus crusade????……because the models are nice and i really like to play with Vizard Ichigo or transformed Grimjow in gta, because with these models(bankai, vizard or transformed form)it’s possible to play in gta with infinite bankai, or something like that…….

  • can you make pein in akatsuki

  • Hidans weapon is on the google 😉

  • Can you please make his weapon?

  • Hi there this post is nice and interesting. I’ll use it for my blog :). Can you reply me some related articles I could use too?