GTA Vice City Naruto Mod

mods available : Sasuke, Sakura, Orochimaru, Kabutsuo, Kotetsu, Izumo, Ebisu, Fuu

 This post reserved for Naruto conversion, to GTA Vice City i began with Sasuke (grey Outfit). The San Andreas version in here.

 converted by Yuniwii

1. Sasuke

a. (Player2 and CSplay 2 replacement)


Sasuke in Vice City

GTA VC mod : Sasuke grey v1.0 (Oct 13, 2011)

b. Sasuke Student (for Player 2 replacement/ Rafael Outfit)

Sasuke Student

Sasuke and Sakura in GTA Vice City

v120914 password :

2. Sakura

(Mercedez (IGMerc2 and CSMerc2  replacement or IGMerc1/ CSMerc1)

Haruno Sakura Vice City

Haruno Sakura in Vice City

GTA VC Mod Sakura Short Hair v1.0 (Oct 26, 2011) or here

3. Orochimaru GTA Vice city


Orochimaru VC

convert by Yuniwii

Download Orochimaru GTA Vice City (v0.1)

password :

4. Yakushi Kabuto

Yakushi Kabuto

Kabuto Yakushi GTA Vice City

(replacement Lance Vance, link download  password :

5. Kotetsu Hagane

Kotetsu Hagane

Kotetsu Hagane GTA Vice City

download link

password :

6. Izumo Kamizuki

GTA Vice City Izumo Kamizuki

GTA Vice City Izumo Kamizuki

Download link Izumo GTA Vice City

password :

7. Ebisu for GTA Vice City


Ebisu in GTA Vice City

ignore San Fiero Medical Centre in the background, i use GTA SOL (State of Liberty ) for GTA Vice City, ….

it’s not San Andreas but Vice City

You can use this mod for Tommy replacement, other character, ped or cutscene. Just rename Ebisu to character which you want.

Download link Ebisu GTA Vice City

password :

8. Fuu Yamanaka

Fuu Yamanaka

Fuu Yamanaka

v25052013 convert : yuniwii
[toggle title=”old post” state=”open” ]The Naruto series become interesting in recent manga, when the sixth coffin revealed as Madara Uchiha, so maybe i need to correct some description about my mods related with Madara and Tobi that i shared before. I borrow this post to write that :D, since this mod not related at all, except i created Madara mod and put in here. I just try to touch Vice City engine again, because some request and my curiosity too. Off course, in my modding history i mod GTA Vice City first, before San Andreas. The rigging method is similar, or maybe more easy with just 24 bones. But the problem, there are no script like skin selector which able to choose skin that we want. Vice City only support change player to special character and not play as ped. You can do that with GTA Vice City Developer Console by Delfi. So, my purpose for making this mod only for model replacement. I don’t have plan to convert all characters to GTA Vice City. Only characters that i think ok to convert, not high poly, etc. Since GTA San Andreas better for that purpose.[/toggle]