GTA Vice City

Max Payne Skin


Mod in this post; Max Payne for GTA Vice City mod .

This was my pretty old mod, in 2007. Just uploaded in here as my archive in mediafire, you can use too if you want. I modify the UVW so it will work for player skin images option  in GTA Vice City / Skins folder (if you use this mod for player replacement). That’s actually what i like from GTA Vice City.

Convert to GTA VC by Yuniwii

GTA Vice City Max Payne 2 Mod

GTA Vice City Max Payne 2

GTA Vice City Max Payne 2

You can use this mod for Tommy replacement -recommended, other character, ped or cutscene. Just rename player.dff and player.txd to character which you want. I put some variatons of skin/clothes in bmp format that compatible with Max Payne.

This pack included :

normal Max Payne, player wounded skin, NYPD skin, Russian Jacket

GTVC mod Max payne 2 NYPD clothes

Download link Max Payne 2 GTA Vice City

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