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Updated July 2015 : Added Kamen Rider Gaim

Updated : Going to Mod Pack


Finally i found a way to make GTA Vice City Developer Console and Maxorator’s Vehicle Loader compatible each other :
1. Load save game
2. creating new main.scm without cutscene in first mission (intro)
I chose the 2nd option.
So, i think GTA Vice City Kamen Rider mod can be continued … probably i will pack them in single mod pack if got better progress.

28-09-2013 (old post)

Unfortunately, it seem the mod that i used  not stable and not compatible each other. I can’t use GTA Vice City Dev console together with Maxo’s vehicle Loader, so i still find a way to spawn ped skin (special actors) effectively . I used personal CLEO mod as test to change player model to special actor and not use Developer Console because it crash on my PC. (The crash only when begin new game with cutscenes, but it can be solved)

If you just want play as Kamen Rider skin you can use GTA Vice City developer console. I use Maxo’s Vehicle Loader because this plugin able to add several vehicles add on and weapons to GTA Vice City but it seem i need to find other ways to make this plugin work with together with CLEO script for changing special actor skin. (And i found the way by creating new main.scm).

Kamen Rider Hibiki VC  Pack

Kamen Rider Hibiki VC

Kamen Rider Hibiki VC

In this pack : Kamen Rider Hibiki and Ibuki (more will added later)

v 28-09-2013 convert : yuniwii

Kamen Rider Gaim Vice City