GTA Vice City Developer Console


This tool created by Delfi or Jernej L, the creator of TXD workshop, and previously hosted in The site already inactive since some years ago.

I stored this file in my server site as a back up. Since my site now have ability to stored files and download directly from here.

GTA Vice Ciy Developer Console

GTA Vice Ciy Developer Console

To use this tool is easy :

First; you need to run this tool, then run GTA Vice City, and press tilde button (~) to show the command console.

For example to change character:

1. press tilde (~)

Change Model in Vice City

Change Model in Vice City

2. write this code plmodel igmerc2 to change player model to IGMerc2 (if you using Sakura mods for Vice City player will change to Sakura)

Change to Sakura


Download link

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