GTA 5 Megaman

GTA V Megaman

GTA 5 ped skin (for GTA SA skin go here)

Zero (Megaman character from Marvel vs Capcom)

This is my third  GTA V mod …. It took too long to figure out how editing ymt file. I put 7 variations color for Zero models (the seventh one only for test). It work for me. But i don’t know for other people. Using Simple Native Trainer by Sjaak for play as ped or spawn bodyguard / ped recommended.


Zero in GTA V


~By default this mod using u_m_y_cyclist_01 bones
~i put several textures variations (by editing ymt file). Only for single player use.


1. Replace or add 4 files [ydd, ytd, yft, ymt] with OPENIV in Edit Mode:
A. original rpf file (located in) :
x64e.rpf – models/cdimages/componentpeds_u_m_y.rpf

B.  if you using mods folder (OPENIV) (located in) :
mods/x64e.rpf – models/cdimages/componentpeds_u_m_y.rpf

2. Spawn Zero with trainer (Simple Native Trainer recommended). Spawn model-go to clothes option to change different parts (textures).


Download Zero (megaman) GTA V convert : Yuniwii