GTA San Andreas

Kingdom Hearts Mod

This post will be used as resume / summary for Kingdom Hearts conversion to GTA San Andreas.

Before that, i try using something new in modding:

1. Name above player;

thanks to Wesser and Madara Anggara, who creating the  script and introducing this mod. It useful for people who want personal name in screenshot or video, including me who sometime lazy using Photoshop just to add name or site name 😀 in picture.

I modify the script a little

2. I do mods replacement again.

Including trying to change all peds to Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, etc for my personal GTA San Andreas modding (and probably GTA IV modding). And i will distributing my mod with GTA San Andreas ped name; like bmybe, hfyst, etc in the pack as the consequences. If you using skin selector you still able to use it as ped,  or if u want to put them in skin.img, it must be renamed to different names (not ped name) — or game will freeze.

Kingdom Hearts Ped

01. Master Xehanort

(Alternate Outfit -Xehanort Young)



v01022013  rig : yuniwii thanks to Paul Borland

to be continued ….