GTA San Andreas

Dual Melee Weapons

I still modding for game center to made a stable GTA mod. Including script mod and other things.  This maybe took my time for online, but i will try to put my mods, or my experiences that i got from this activities.
Including this one. Even though it’s not new, some people already know that.

 It’s not mod. It’s just info.
And i remember, i knew this in 2010 after curious when got question from some of my friends about holding melee weapons like katana, knife etc with two hands (double wielded melee weapons).
It was for Kamen Rider mod purpose. I did this by copy pasted some data from dual combat weapons like pistol to flower as test. I remember too, i change the animation and put my weapon.dat as download for testing. But this not the correct one.
But, i completely forgotten after that to write the info; about finally i able to found out how to doing this correctly.
I didn’t remember when; but this is the correct method :

You need to edit the flags value for weapons like knife, dildo, katana, etc from 1 to 801 or similar flags.

Step by step :

forlan with two swords

Dual melee weapons

1. Open weapon.dat in folder GTA San Andreasdata.

2. If you want to change your Katana to dual katana; change the line :

£ KATANA        MELEE    10.0  1.6    339    -1        1        SWORD        1            1        null


£ KATANA        MELEE    10.0  1.6    339    -1        1        SWORD        1            801        null

3. save

Rockstar already give info in weapon.dat :

800 (8 in three digits 8 0 0 ) = is hex flags for twin pistol
1  = ( 1 in 1 digit) is hex flags for can aim

The cool things is if you change katana or dildo from 1 to 804 or 805, you will able to use first person view like this screenshot below.
Since 4 is hex flag for first person
so :
804 mean = dual pistol (800) + first person (4)
805 mean = dual pistol (800) + first person (4) + can aim (1)

Chidori GTA SA

First Person Chidori change dildo to 804 flags

If possible i will share my weapon.dat later, but now i can’t since my weapon.dat totally different.
(I add several weapons add on with weapon limit.asi by Ryosuke).
And the link for Forlan will be put in other post later since it’s just finished and still need to check.