Grand Theft Auto Naruto mod or other similar terms only category name in my blogs. You can call this mod whatever you want. Some modders work in the type of this mod too. Not only me.

I put some of my GTA mods about Naruto in this site ;, since July 16, 2010 as public sharing. A lot off things happen and off course the condition not same at the first. I need to recover several posts that lost in this site, and finally find a way to revive the back up one by one, by Advanced Export Plugin for WordPress.

For Naruto mods, i only sharing characters and weapons, as long as i have will to share.

Naruto from Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 1

This model is main character; Naruto, when a kid. Maybe in age 12. Appear almost in whole Naruto series.

Naruto GTA mod

Naruto GTA mod

v1.0 released July 15, 2010