GTA Naruto Map

GTA Naruto Map

Status mod : moved to Skyrim and GTA 4.Β  Still WIP(Work in Progress). This is my personal project.

logs :

Sept 02, 2012 —> Test for Skyrim map

Konoha Bridge in Skyrim

July 13, 2012—>Using GTA 4, GTA VC ( boundary hacked) and Torque.

July 2, 2012 —> Rebuild (the big map as reference already done for GTA 4).

Parallel project for GTA 4, GTA VC, GTA San Andreas , Skyrim (still test, )

terrain - konoha

gta 4 naruto terrain

This is not only conversion; some of them like several lands and other object; i made from scratch to patch some holes.


January 6, 2012 : Moved to GTA 4 as test (Since RAGE engine more powerful, and able to accept model with big dimension and high polies than GTA San Andreas.

GTA 4 Naruto map

GTA 4 Naruto map

To be continued …

The comments got problems, Many people turn to anonym after disqus plugin disable, so it’s not appear at the moment.


  • yoh tell us when u have finnish this mod pleas and nice job

  • That… is awesome! Too bad, my pc does not have a strong enough graphics card to play GTA 4…. Can you please make this for san Andreas afterwards? I have to say, you seem like the best modder I’ve seen on the web. Keep it up man! (Sucks I can’t play this mod, even when you finish!) I need a better graphics card so badly! But they are so expensive! I have San Andreas though!

  • paano e download

  • kk tolong buatin map konoha destroyed

    semoga map konoha sdh selesai amin πŸ˜€

  • my email
    Can you send me the test the konoha building?>

    • I only able to apologize, “no :D”
      Like a car it’s only have a wheel or some part and not even reach the test stage. Maybe only less than 1 % progress … it’s still in development.

      • Yuniwii,
        well done, you’ve destroyed our dreams, keep it up :P:D

        I think that we should not expect from others to realize our dreams, we should try . . . because if we expect from others, years pass and nothing xD
        If you are really Kami, you can reach to create this map!! I think so because I have seen your mods . . .

        but anyway don’t worry, I think that time will come when Yuniwii publish it if he finishes, and if he doesn’t lose it, as it has done with other mods πŸ˜€
        is true Yuniwii?

        • I agree with you.
          I think no need for me to continuing this site as my own site to show some of my mods.
          I will change it to normal GTA or game site, i will put other mods later beside my mods.
          So no one will depends one person to get some mods.
          I already did before you write the comments.
          This is my sub domain that allow member to upload their mods like normal GTA site did.

          It’s need my approval, btw.

          You can submit your mod if you want too πŸ˜€
          So you can help everyone who have some dream with you.
          And help this site to keep alive

  • konoha building …..konoha building …
    this is my dream,

  • gan tolong kalo ada waktu buatin karakter dari Narnia ya ??

  • Caranya Download game ini gmn sih????

  • cara Downloadnya gmn sih????

  • Hey, i love your work man!! when this for GTA SA!?

    • Maybe after work good in GTA 4 first. I have problems in GTA San Andreas since this game have limited ID and got other difficulties

      • You should wait till your mods are upadted for 1.8, then do a RP-transition between worlds, like you find’ a aether portal in your aether without building one, and when you go through it, it whipes out all your items’ and puts you in a whole new world.Or maybe something like a ton of TNT explodes in your udnerwater home, a trap set by Yogoloth, and it creates a black hole’ leading you to a new world. And might i suggest adding Beteer than wolves mod?

  • Mau… Kapan dirilisnya bung? Gak sabar nih, kalo mau kirim MOD buatan saya buat situ kirim ke mana nih? ada banyak sih, tapi males upload… hahaha

    • belum tahu, bung. Baru mulai, dan kadang ditinggal ngemod lainnya πŸ˜€

      • yaudah gpp, request dong karakter Motoko Kusanagi yang kostumnya di ‘Ghost In The Cell: Stand Alone Complex’. Please…

  • When is it comming out?

  • kereeeeen… semoga cepet selesai gan project konohanya… mantab gan !

  • maybe around 1/4 los santos,

  • nice to see you working on this again.. πŸ˜‰
    watch other people mods, sometimes motivate to make more mods
    how big is it?

  • Yuniwii you have made ​​a masterpiece, I hope you do not give up….because would be a sin if not completed a masterpiece. :)


    this is my susano MOD
    Mr.thedarist is you friend?

    I am making uchiha itachi amatelasi CLEO

  • yes, i’m kami。 gta sa IDE no Exceed 20000,
    this is a Regret

  • :)