GTA IV Mods June 2013

Update 15 June 2013 :

All content from GTA IV mods will be moved in

This is last post for GTA IV Naruto on main domain,


Update : 03 June 2013,  I only fixing Fuu rig, so now it  better than previous version.


GTA 4 Mod

GTA 4 Mod

My Curiosity end (for a while) …
At least,  i able made different running style animation working in GTA IV game. It should called Ninja running animation, but still away from perfect.
The problems; probably because the exporter still buggy or i made some mistakes in the process …

But i need to pause making GTA IV animation until the tool become better to handle or i have more free time… It took a long time (2 days for this mod ).

After know animation mod possible … i think what i expected for GTA IV now only wnv (ped navmesh/pathfinding) support. Eventhough it’s not really my interest in GTA IV modding. I still able using GTA San Andreas for creating map. Btw, my interest in GTA IV modding almost like Skyrim. The possibility to change body parts and adding some new varians for models and textures. Off course, not always models need this. It only for some models that will be remodded again, has DLC, etc.