GTA 4 Ped

Asuka Kazama (風間飛鳥 – Kazama Asuka)

Done …

I dedicated two days of my free time to finish this mod, including made a video. Well, it’s not perfect mod, but my best GTA IV mod so far.
This girl has complete facial rigging (finger, eyes and mouth beside breast rigging as her role as a woman :D).
Most facial animation still look ok, except some extreme expression like angry; (the eyes kinda scary). The problems with GTA IV mod, i can’t adjust/edit the bones and i can’t test the model with GTA IV animation unlike GTA San Andreas.

screenshot :

Asuka Kazama in GTA IV

Asuka Kazama in GTA IV



Asuka Kazama in EFLC

It’s tool limitation, but i need thank to 3Doomer for his GIMS and the progress of this  tool. My GTA IV mod problems with 3DS Max gone after upgrading to 3D Studio Max 2012 and using updated GIMS.
At the moment; creating a mod with GTA IV possible for me just like modding GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City. I hope i will found solution for Skyrim too, …

link :

v121007 new

link in gta 4 mod website