GTA IV Sakura Haruno


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This mod  finished, for a while. I decide to fix some bugs and release it today. …. I put 8 Sakura models (separated in uppr, lowr and other body parts) in single wdd file. So, this mods will have several Sakura costum variations – including textures more than original game (i think :D).

The problems came   from GTA IV memory limitation (maybe) and the tools itself.  I don’t know, if possible or not to port all Sakura models which i have to GTA IV [in single wdd file (as ped)]. If not possible, i think i will release as far i can (edit : i did ),  … even though i hope i still able put more body parts for this mod.

Features : Sakura kid, Sakura custom/regular outfit (originally from XNALara mod by MVegeta), Sakura Mission Outfit, Sakura War (Konoha Ninja) outfit, Sakura school outfit, Sakura Summer Outfit, and two blue Sakura outfit  (underwear – worn in war).

replace any female ped (by default : f_y_street_09
use open IV. And put wdd, wtd,wft file to componentpeds.img.
Spawn in game with Simple Native Trainer.
Some parts like hair, ninja weapon can be selected in clothes mode (Simple Native Trainer)

Note :
Don’t reupload, use my link instead. Maybe i will make new version later




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