GTA IV Naruto Kid


update July 4, 2015 : reupload dead link

I think i need to re-evaluate some theory that i believe after succees to rig this model. I use female ped bones to rig Naruto kid character, it’s still too big actually. But success with regular textures, no need to edit UV. But the problems it’s not possible to add textures variation when using this method.

Naruto Kid rig by Yuniwii

Naruto Kid

Naruto kid

v120928 reupload

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note :

I only using default GIMS setting for Naruto material. When i turn off the ENB (i am using ICEnhancer 2.1 in GTA IV 1.0.04) it’s look too shinny. Since it’s graphic problems and can be tweak using ENB, and also happen with default GTA ped (eventhough not too look like plastic),  the solution at the moment only adjust the graphic setting or using ENB.

Naruto without ENB

Naruto without ENB