Akamaru in GTA 4


This mod -of course- have bugs. Since it’s not standar model for GTA 4.   It took the idea from AC Amir’s and Metalwars’s mod dog. I only curious to expand the dog mod with Akamaru model and using two models in one wdd together; Akamaru from WII and from Xbox360.

Akamaru in GTA 4

Akamaru in GTA IV

And the result; It  can be used as varians of one type ped; m_m_ trampblack  in single file (wdd) with varians of textures too. Maybe almost like bodypart mod for CJ in GTA San Andreas. It’s still possible to add glasses, chain and maybe little Akamaru model, if necessary :D.


It’s success, so i call this mod as Akamaru 3 in 1.

Eventhough took almost 12 hours 😀 to finish this mod (effectively).

Akamaru GTA IV

Akamaru 3 in 1

The last Akamaru is little Akamaru, but finally i remove the cel shading mesh (the black one in the picture above). It’s really buggy in GTA 4.

Akamaru in GTA 4

Little Akamaru

If you like normal dog, it’s already exist in GTA 4 converted by ac. amir and Metal wars in here. This dog is new dog for Naruto mod purpose, rig by me, Yuniwii. Credits to ac. amir and metalwars, too.

Akamaru in GTA 4 link

v20120902 download password : gombolori.net

notices :

it’s for ped purposes, if you want live as a dog in Liberty City, be prepare to found some bugs.

Don’t enter cutscene (mission) with this ped or any ped. Only player (Niko) acceptable for cutscene. Or the game will crash