GTA IV Misa Mitsurugi


This is my first effort to port Misa (from game Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae) to GTA IV. This IV version different than (GTA SA and) the original game. I add Momiji’s hair as hair varian and some different colors for her clothes. Eventhough, i recommend you to play Mitsurugi game instead. Since Misa in Mitsurugi game still better, because has some cool moves and several animations which not possible in GTA IV.

Misa in French Riviera mod πŸ˜€

Off course, in GTA IV; she possible to drive a car, bike, shoot and do other various things as some reason why i like to port model from other games to different games.


Model belong to : Zenith Blue

convert to GTA IV : Yuniwii

download link GTA 4 Misa v 06-12-2014