GTA IV Kakashi Hatake


Ped version

Kakashi kid

This is normal ped (in size), since it seem : making small or giant ped still difficult or no possible in GTA IV .

This mod ported by me from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution.

Hatake Kakashi (kid)

Hatake Kakashi (kid)

1. Use open IV. And put wdd, wtd,wft file to componentpeds.img.
2. Replace any male ped (by default : m_m_pharbron_01). Walkstyle not suit Kakashi. 
But you can change it with Simple Native Trainer. 
3. Spawn in game with Simple Native Trainer.
4. Some parts like hair, ninja weapon can be selected in clothes mode (Simple Native Trainer).
You can change walk style too

Note :
Don't reupload, use my link instead. Maybe i will make new version later.

download v 05-11-2014