GTA IV Dragon Ball Mods


I think now; it’s not just my priority. My personal interest and my game modding favourites replaced by RAGE modding.

GTA 4, GTA IV EFLC and i hope next GTA V.

I mean; i will modding whatever i like, lore friendly (gangster mod) or lore unfriendly (anime mod) – borrowing Skyrim term, in GTA IV engine or RAGE engine.

Like this one;

GTA 4 Dragon Ball mods.

But, “it’s RAGE time” still not completely true. Without wft export support, i think the best can i do only port/convert/creating models following GTA IV body. Not porting just as it is like GTA San Andreas.
About GTA San Andreas, i think i will only do modding for categories which only possible in this game, like cartoon mods or do random modding just for blogging purposes.
Dragon Ball mods is one of them . I will continued this on GTA IV and probably GTA V. But i still modding/porting Dragon Ball mods to different games like GTA San Andreas if i have interest in it. Since some models like small peds (Arale or kids for example) not possible in current GTA IV modding.

Character list (will be added later if finished)


Android 17

Android 17 on GTA IV


Android 17

Android 17 Release

Download v 09092013 convert : yuniwii