GTA IV Batman Mod


Finally some of them already done. This Batman mod work for GTA IV and EFLC.

A. Batman from Batman Arkham Origins ios version

BatmanArkham Origins

BatmanArkham Origins

download v 31-10-2013

convert to GTA IV by Yuniwii

~ Thanks to: Alexander Blade, 3Doomer, GoodNTS, MrGameboy20XX,  riccochet2005

-partial facial rigged
-hand partially rigged
-2 Batman model varians separated as ped body parts :

How to install
use Open IV, open componentsped.img and add/replace any ped.
IG_anthony recommended.
But off course you can replace any ped which u want.

How to spawn in game :
Use Simple Native Trainer

B. Robin from Batman Arkham Origins

Robin ped for GTA 4

Robin for GTA IV

download v 18-01-2014

convert to GTA IV by Yuniwii