Son Goku in GTA San Andreas


This is resume about my Songoku mod (character from Dragon Ball/Z) ported to GTA San Andreas. New and old mods. I actually revive this mod again after found some interesting model from Dragon Ball Battle of Z, Goku (Naruto) Sennin outfit. I think i will port them later to different games, like GTA IV.

1. Goku Sage Mode (Naruto) Outfit

rig by Yuniwii (13/11/2014)

Goku Naruto

Goku Naruto

from Dragon Ball Battle of Z

download link (still need some fix in some textures)


2 .Goku Saiyan Outfit

rig by Yuniwii (15/4/2011)

This Saiyan outfit for Songoku, rig by me from Dragon Ball Budokai tenkaichi Outfit. The custom almost similar with Vegeta Scouter costum.



Download link

Download link 2


3. Young Songoku

from Dragon Ball Revenge of King Picollo

rig by Yuniwii (20/4/2011)

Goku Kid

Goku Kid

download link