Games Mod Stories

It will be cool, if the game mods that we use, can also choose stories based on characters and everything associated with them.
E.g. GTA characters [including cutscene characters] replaced with characters from Final Fantasy, Naruto or others. This idea came up in my mind, again, last month, after Open IV has features for viewing cutscenes. Too bad, my site got problems and i lost a lot of files, so my recent priority, between June – August 2013 only to fix this site and will focus for GTA San Andreas mod …. until the problems fixed.

Custscene GTA 4

Cutscene GTA 4 test

Eventhough, Games Mod Stories idea possible for several games mod, especially which have mod selections tool/plugins and better archiving, but for me, i will just use GTA San Andreas (need Custom Mod Manager+IMG Limit Adjuster), GTA IV and Skyrim.
My interest in this matter, as well as because 3D models now can be found more easily and abundant in numbers. There are even some categories because so many models available can be used to create a ‘new game’ (mod version). For example Naruto, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, Kamen Rider (only WII and some PS2 version) and off course others.

I begin to put them in Mod Project in, next : i hope it will be possible too for GTA IV and Skyrim.