Dr. Kiyoto Maki

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Dr. Kiyoto Maki (真木 清人, Maki Kiyoto) is the main antagonist of Kamen Rider OOO series.  He is one of the finest scientists of the Kougami Foundation and is the man in charge of the Kougami Biotech Labratory before departing and officially joining up with the feline Greeed, Kazari.

This model created by me, Yuniwii, from scratch (the head only :D). I merged with Hitman Body. At the moment without his doll, Kiyo Chan, since i do not have idea and rather lazy to continue it. Feel free to fix it if you want.

dr. Maki

dr. Maki (not too similar) xD

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2. Kyoryu Greed

Kyoryu Greed


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