Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger



update : 19-04-2017 add Zyuoh Whale, ZyuOh The World Crocodile

update : 15-09-2016 fix the rigs, add some models

GTA SA Ped skin

Animal Squadron Beast King Ranger

This mod below ripped and convert by me, from Super Sentai Legend Wars (android).


Zyuohger GTA SA models pack

This pack contain 11 models:

5 models Zyuohger (rigging fixed): Zyuoh Lion, Zyuoh Shark, Zyuoh Elephant, Zyuoh Eagle, Zyuoh Tiger
4 models : Zyuoh The  World, Zyuoh Gorila, Azald, Naria/Nalia (female size)

2 models : Zyuoh The  World (Crocodile), Zyuoh Whale

new ss



v 15-09-2016 convert : Yuniwii

this models support normal map plugin features.

Nalia / Naria (ナリア)

normal size (old)

v 13-09-2016 convert : Yuniwii

~normal map support