Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Real Life Mod GTA SA

GTA San Andreas Mesut Ozil Skin


Mesut Özil in GTA Mod in this post Mesut Özil  for GTA San Andreas character (ped). Convert by Yuniwii from FIFA 12. “Still continuing to convert some popular characters –in my place 😀 —  i do convert and rig Ozil today” Ozil (wearing Germany National Football Outfit) Read More »

GTA San Andreas Cristiano Ronaldo skin

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo in GTA San Andreas   My yesterday mod, but finally only able to done today; Cristiano Ronaldo with Portugal National Team outfit in GTA San Andreas. Mixed conversion from FIFA 09 and FIFA 12 by Yuniwii. Read More »

GTA San Andreas Lionel Messi skin

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi in GTA Mod in this post Lionel Messi GTA San Andreas Mod This is one of my favorites football player, Lionel Messi from Argentina. Just for notice, it’s still buggy and probably will be fixed later, if i have better version. Read More »

Ricardo Kaka


Ricardo Kaka   Mod in this post : “skin Ricardo Kaka for GTA San Andreas” Like previous mod from FIFA 12, I can’t found number and player name for Kaka, but you can edit this mod by yourself . (It’s just need name and number in texture. If you want to edit, extract the texture with TXD workshop and edit ... Read More »

Fernando Torres


Fernando Torres   Mod in this post : “skin Fernando Torres for GTA San Andreas” This mod not related with any Football events, i just tying to rip FIFA 2012 in my PC :D. The results not really good, but better than PES 2012. I mean rippable, but there are some problems in textures. I can’t found number and player ... Read More »

Saddam Hussein


Saddam Hussein (صدام حسين)   I lost some files, after megaupload closed by the FBI. Most of them GTA mods, not warez. Some of my files also gone from mediafire and other file hosting with different reasons. Rather than reupload them again, maybe I’ll fix it first like Saddam Hussein mod below. It’s was 2010 mod. I fix the textures ... Read More »