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Daredevil Mods in this post : Dare Devil for GTA IV and GTA San Andreas Daredevil in GTA 4 6 models from Marvel Heroes (rigged and converting as single ped by me, Yuniwii) Dare ...

Iron Man in GTA

Iron Man rig by Yuniwii  Iron Man for GTA San Andreas New mods support DK's Normal map plugin Ironman Marvel Contest of Champions with normal map and reflection Ironman in GTA ViSA download v 14-01-2015 ------ old ...

GTA San Andreas Gundam Mod

GTA San Andreas Gundam Mod   This is resume for Gundam mod for GTA San Andreas.  All character (skins), mostly converted by me (Yuniwii), from Gundam games or Mod (game) like XNALara. If ...

GTA San Andreas Spider-Man Conversion

GTA San Andreas Spider-Man Mods   GTA San Andreas Character (ped) mod This post will be used to put several characters from Spider-man porting to GTA San Andreas. Some of them just reupload from ...

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Gokaigers Mod GTA San Andreas mod : Kaizoku  Sentai Gokaiger Gokaigers Characters and Megazord Since this month, this site continued to put some info, link, articles from several mods, games and other. Not ...

Captain Marvel in GTA

Captain Marvel character mod for GTA San Andreas rig by Yuniwii Below some ped skins mods from Captain Marvel aka Shazam in game GTA San Andreas The original identity of Captain Marvel is ...
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