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Falcon Superhero

Falcon   GTA San Andreas Mods Falcon Falcon is a superhero from Marvel Universe. His original name is Samuel Thomas 'Sam' Wilson. This model from Kellogg Marvel’s Civil War. v 21-05-2016 convert : Yuniwii (thanks ...

Black Widow

Black Widow   GTA San Andreas Mods Black Widow (Чёрная вдова, 'Chernaya Vdova') GTA SA ped The original name of this Marvel superhero is Natalia 'Natasha' Alianovna Romanova (also known as Natasha Romanoff) . ...


Ant-Man GTA San Andreas Ant-Man skin This is my first mod in this year. Eventhough i already ported some Ant-Man skins before, i put them again in this post. Ant-Man from Marvel Future ...

GTA San Andreas Spider-Man Conversion

GTA San Andreas Spider-Man Mods   GTA San Andreas Character (ped) mod This post will be used to put several characters from Spider-man porting to GTA San Andreas. Some of them just reupload from ...

GTA San Andreas Batman Mod

GTA San Andreas Batman Mod   This post reserved to put, Batman mod for GTA San Andreas. Other mods will be added later if possible. At the moment, i only able to put ...

Steel the Man of Iron

Steel The Man of Iron Mod in this post Steel for GTA San Andreas Mod update : July 4, 2015 (reupload) Steel (human form : Dr. John Henry Irons) ; Character from DC ...
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