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Heather in GTA San Andreas

Heather from Silent Hill 3 rig by Yuniwii Cheryl 'Heather' Mason is the main character (protagonist) of Silent Hill 3. The character mod rig by me, Yuniwii. Credits to oOcraftyOo. v1.0 Nov 21, ...

Henry Townshend

Henry Townshend rig by yuniwii   Henry Townshend is main character from Silent Hill 4 The Room. This model converted by me, originally from Gmod and Xnalara.   (Credits to Dean & fullmoon, and me ...

Eileen Galvin

Eileen Galvin rig by Yuniwii Silent Hill conversion to GTA San Andreas Eileen Galvin Casual Outfit credit : mariokart64n (ported this model to Gmod and XNAlara), converted to GTA San Andreas by me. v1.0 October ...