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Kazari Greed

Kazari Greed   GTA SA Ped Skin Kazari (カザリ Kazari), the feline Greeed, is one of the main antagonists in the series of Kamen Rider OOO. This models from Kamen Rider Battride War ...

Dr. Maki

Dr. Kiyoto Maki update : 25-06-2016 added Kyoryu Greed Dr. Kiyoto Maki (真木 清人, Maki Kiyoto) is the main antagonist of Kamen Rider OOO series.  He is one of the finest scientists ...

Nazca Dopant

Nazca Dopant   GTA SA Ped skin The Nasca Dopant (ナスカ・ドーパント Nasuka Dōpanto) is a Nazca Lines-themed Dopant whose form is used by several users. In Kamen Rider Double series; The first user, ...

Shadow Moon

Shadow Moon   GTA SA Ped Skin Shadowmoon (世紀王シャドームーン Seiki Ō Shadō Mūn) is an antagonist character, enemy of Kamen Rider Black. The models from Kamen Rider Battride War Sousei (Genesis). I converted ...

Taboo Dopant

Taboo Dopant   GTA SA Ped Skin The Taboo Dopant (タブー・ドーパント Tabū Dōpanto) whose real identity Sonozaki Wakana, is a dopant in Kamen Rider Double series . She has the appearance of a ...

Medusa Phantom from Kamen Rider

Medusa Medusa (メデューサ Medyūsa) GTA SA Ped skin Medusa in this post is a phantom villain from Kamen Rider Wizard series. She is born from the body of a young girl named Misa ...
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