Wednesday, July 1, 2015

GTA Indonesia

DreadOut Male Characters


  DreadOut Male Characters   This post reserved to put male characters from game DreadOut (by Digital Happiness) converted to different games (mod game). At the moment, i only port them to GTA San Andreas. GTA San Andreas Ped Skin Doni download Yayan download to be continued …. maybe   Read More »

Linda Meilinda from DreadOut

Linda Melinda

Linda Meilinda from DreadOut update : 24-05-2015 Linda without her bag This model, Linda Meilinda or Linda melinda, converted from game DreadOut (© Digital Happiness), some days ago to GTA San Andreas. ss1   ss2 Model : Linda Melinda (Student Outfit)/ Linda Melinda Game: DreadOut Copyright: Digital Happiness convert to GTA SA : Yuniwii GTA SA download link from GTA ... Read More »

Keris Weapon


Keris Weapon   Mod in this post; Keris Point Blank for GTA San Andreas. Keris;, traditional melee weapon known in Indonesia and maybe similar in some countries. This model from Point Blank. Ripped and converted in 2011. I just remember after saw Sakura holding this weapon in some screenshot.  This mod for melee weapon replacement – recommended for knifecur replacement. Read More »



Kopassus   Kopassus Komando Pasukan Khusus (The Indonesian Special Forces Army) GTA San Andreas mod Read More »

CJ Santri

CJ Sarung

CJ Santri mod author : Yuni Widayanto (Yuni W) “This my old mod (in 2009) and used in my praying mod video. It’s only ped mod, not for CJ replacement. I do not have opportunity to made new mods this day, so i only touch this mod, fix the rigging and post this article. This mod uploading in gtagaming too” Read More »